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  • The teaching is done focusing on the learning ability.
  • Innovative activity based methodology is the tool for teaching
  • Comprehensive curriculum - scientifically designed
  • Outdoor class room activities strengthen the basic concepts, maximize the potential, build team spirit and instill confidence in children.

Facilitators of Learning

The teaching fraternity at TIS is competent enough to extend education beyond conventional boundaries and is the backbone of the school.

Facilitating enriching experiences, the teachers at the TIS are essentially equipped with the qualities of the head and the heart and lead the young learners towards the path of excellence and success.

In their teaching process, the teachers do not forget that they are the learners and are required to keep themselves abreast with the latest teaching pedagogies on a regular basis.

They acknowledge different learning abilities, needs and styles of students and seek to optimize their learning by addressing individual requirements in a very positive and an all - inclusive manner.

Teaching Fraternity

  • Well Qualified
  • Technology Savvy
  • Innovative
  • Creative
  • Hardworking
  • Understanding
  • Committed