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Welcome To Tecnia international school

Located in a serene and sprawling 1.25 acres campus in Sec-8, Rohini, New Delhi, Tecnia International School has been functioning successfully since many years.

The School building stands tall and magnificent in its majestic splendor not just in physical term, but also in its undeniable formidable reputation for providing quality education to its students. The excellent school infrastructure true is accentuated by beautiful landscaping, manicured lawns and a well maintained games and sports field.

The TIS is an English medium co-educational, CBSE affiliated school with eminent educationist, bureaucrats, technocrats , intellectuals and prominent professionals as the members of the managements committee and advisory board of Tecnia Group.

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Parents Testimonials

I can proudly say that Tecnia International School is a mind and body GYM where every muscle is charged and toned up. The children here are nurtured so as to get transformed into global citizens who are ready to take the challenges and responsibilities of the world. The school has made itself a known name among premium institutions.
– Mr. Daulat Ram Verma (Grandfather of Sakshi Verma, Class – XII)
I have seen this school grow from a seed to a fruit laden tree. I have been associated with this school for the last 12 years. This school has made me proud because it has enhanced my child personality, confidence and helped her to prove herself as a winner.
– Mrs. Anuradha Mittal (Mother of Sanjana Mittal, Class – XII)
Tecnia school is really very good in everything academics, activities, studies. we are really very much satisfied with this organisation as it has helped our child to learn more. Teachers solve our problems in proper manner.
–Ms. Pooja Jain (M/o Prakriti Jain), class I-B
I am very glad with the school allumini and the teachers. Teachers are very co-operating. Principal is very good. school atmosphere is really very nice. my child feels very happy while going to the school.
–Ms. Mamta (M/o of Fiona)
I am very glad with the school allumini and the teachers. Teachers are very co-operating. Principal is very good. school atmosphere is really very nice. my child feels very happy while going to the school.
–Ms. Mamta (M/o of Fiona)
Tecnia school is best in Rohini. It has many features which are very impressive. It develops children in many ways, not only in studies but also makes them creative. i really want to continue my child's study in this school because of its fastly growing and developing skills.
–Ms. Poonam Rana (M/o Harshvardhan Rana) , class- III
This school is very beautiful. The classrooms, corridor, garden is very beautiful. swimming pool is very big. Abacus classes are also there. Principal ma'am is very good and polite.
–Ms. Rita Bhal (G/o Twisha Chopra ) , class- III
I really liked Tecnia international school. Education provided to the students is realy very good. activities are well conducted in the school premises. Teachers are well educated and response is also very good.
–Ms. Renu Gupta (M/o Divya Gupta) , XII- science
Tecnia is really very good and I am really very much satisfied with the teachers as I know my child is very naughty though teachers co-operate with him and tries to make him a better and intelligent boy. I pay my regards to the teachers and the Principal ma'am.
–(F/o Aadish Chauhan) , Class XII-science
I am mother of Bhoomi Gupta and i feel very proud that my child studies in Tecnia. All teachers are very nice and co-operating.
–Ms. Parveen Gupta (M/o Bhoomi Gupta) , class III
The school is excellent. All the teachers are very co-operative and helpful. I like the atmosphere of school and finds the class teachers very sweet and heplful. Thankyou for your co-operation.
–Aakash, I-A
Tecnia school is better than other schools. It is very good in academics and other activities. whenever we face any kind of problem, teacher solves our problem with a proper discussion. we really liked the school.
–Ms. Ritu Sachdeva(M/o BaniSachdeva), class I-B
My child Anshul has joined the school recently. The school staff and children are quite co-operative. He got adjusted within 2-3 days. The teachers are teaching the subjects nicely. I would add special word praise for the principal madam. She is very sober and dynamic lady. I hope the school grows day by day and becomes the best school of the area.
–Dr. vandana(M/o of Anshul), XI- science
I am very much satisfied with Tecnia international school as my daughter is happy and enjoying her last year of schooling. I am happy with the teaching pattern in the school though it is very smooth and going with a good pase. I hope my daughter brings lourel to the school and helps in the growth and development being the head prefect of tecnia international school.
It is a great school with great teachers. Teachers are greatful,helpful and kind to students.Students are keen for going to school. The school is progressing and developing very veryfaastly. The facilities are good and increasing day by day. The school is getting popularity. thereis also lot of creativity.
According to infrastructure and facilities school is good and well equipped. teachers are good, co-operative, helpful and hard working. Class rooms atmosphere is quite healthy and good.
–Sandeep kumar, F/o Rushil kumar
I have been astonished by the care you and your team show to the children and even to each other. It really shows the pride the children have for their classmates and the school.
–Urmilamalpani (M/o Shubhammalpani.), class - X